Videos are premium content on Social Media Channels. The different Social Media plattforms are upgrading their video technologies and are changing the conventional way of storytelling. Is it for brands and companies really important do follow this trend? Yes, video content ist getting more important – this is no more longer a secret within the Social Media content.

Instagram has increased in march 2016 the lenght of videos from 15 to 60 seconds. Since April 2016 Facebook has a livechat. That means a Facebook user can attend events, chats etc in realtime. The plattform Snapchat is becoming more popular for teenager. Snapchat has already existed five years but in 2015 it has been of oft he most popular Social Media plattforms.

The fact is: young people are spending a lot of thime on this network becaus it stands for authenticity.  In this app moments are fleeting, a video or picture is shown for ten seconds. After it disappears. If somebody likes to share his impressions with more people, he can publish stories for 24 hours. And this only happens on mobile devices.

What makes videos so popular on Social Media plattforms? It isn’t only the making of or the good idea – it’s the authenticity. People like to see and to experience somebody who gives them the feeling being a friend who shares moments with him. Live, in realtime and without filter.