Marco, aged fourteen, recently left school during a project week in order to get a taste of working life for the first time. He is interested in communication and wanted to experience first-hand how work is done in a Zurich PR agency. Marco is the eldest son of good friends of ours and was welcomed with open arms. Before he was given his first job to handle, I pulled him to the side for a few questions. Among other things, I wanted to know how and where he got his information. Marco doesn’t read books or newspapers. Not in printed form, not online, and certainly not borrowed from a library. Marco informs himself exclusively through social media. He doesn’t have a Facebook account; in his opinion, Facebook is "stupid and out". He hangs out on Instagram and YouTube instead.

The following weekend, I visited my parents. They live in the countryside in a refurbished, 200-year-old farmhouse. It’s cozy. My mother prepared her unrivalled Sunday Roast. My parents read a regional newspaper. They have been doing so for half a century. During the day, you can usually hear the radio station SF DRS in the background. They also get information from Swiss television. My father uses the Internet as well. He reads online news from renowned Swiss publishing houses like TA Media and NZZ. My parents have never heard of Instagram and, like Marco, they don’t have a facebook account.

This afternoon, I developed a communication concept for a customer. The customer is launching a new consumer-goods product in the beauty sector. He wants to appeal to both young and old through as many channels as possible. Of course, the tonality is nuanced according to age. The storytelling plan gets bigger and bigger. I set the main focal points and manage to address his target groups on a variety of different channels.

The ability to spread information is enormous and growing every day. Life in a PR agency is extremely exciting. I enjoy it exceedingly. Already looking forward to tomorrow!

Andreas Messerli, Managing Partner

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