Online Services and E-Commerce are growing at a stunning rate. Everything and everybody is addicted to computers and networks. It isn’t surprising that cybercrime is growing extremely fast and is going to be more and more dangerous. It‘s just luck, not to be untroubled by attacks in Online Business.

The Digital Departement at Contcept Communication is developing as quickly as possible. Without being present in the World Wide Web your aren‘t intouch with what is going on. A lot of our customers are selling their products and services exclusively online. Their Webshops can’t fail, they could risk losing their existence. DDos are specialised in blocking websites, DDos means Distributed Denial of service.

DDOS Attacke


Unsaved systems such as computers, servers, NAS or systems linked to the Internet of things (security, climate-control, household equipment) has been infected with maleware and could be used to paralyse a target system such as a webshop with a high number of requests on it’s IP-Address.

Mostly the motives are blackmail or damage to competitors. In the case of blackmail the victim has a short period of time to pay the ransom in bitcoins. The attacks normaly last for a few days. The amount you have to pay is around ten thousand Euros. It‘s already possible to find DDos attack-providers on the Darknet. The number and intensity is increasing every year.

Your Website is most likely saved from this by your host provider who has installed basic protection. It is highly recommended to contact your Online-Service Partner to discuss your protection in case of an emergency, to update them. The offers are available in two categories. The CDN bases solutions are warding off the attacks on the net before they can damage your own web-applications. The DDos Scrubbing is filtering all your data and traffic first. Then it will be sent through a safeguarded connection to your host.

Sourcee: Whitepaper from Plusserver and Resmedia 05.17.