In the age of information overloads it’s important to have emotional values. A good tool is  live PR when realized the right way.

We live in an over-stimulated world and are constantly confronted with pictures, information, advertisements and news on different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and online. But also with books and newspapers.

Our brain has never had to process so much information as today. This means that our requirements are increasing. Our aesthetic view is growing and through the overload of all the given information, we are becoming more selective.

Our consumerism is getting more selective and radical. Brands are creating identities – borders for gender, countries and religions are being stretched.

Consumerism defines who you are. Brands are getting more and more important – but also the market is growing. Start-Ups are popping up everywhere.  The biggest challenge for companies is to get attention with their image and messages. This abundance and the selective perception are influencing the PR work. The message is: „Please don’t send me another boring press release. Please don’t invite me to unintresting press conferences and no more annoying calls from a PR agencies…“.

Innovative ideas are being searched for to make a brand and company visible. What is interesting are the stories behind a company, personal contacts and emotional approaches.

All around stimulation

Events and Live PR are the perfect tools, therefore at an event all senses of the guests can be stimulated. Messages, philosophies, statements and thoughts can be transported. And it’s a big advantage having the full attention of the attendees to your brand at this moment.

With lots of impressions, the guests are leaving the event and they are processing the impressions into emotions. When the brand name appears in the future, all these emotions are called up. So the circle closes – and hopefully all parties had a wonderful and entertaining evening.

Live PR vereint alle Parteien: Kunde, Key-Kanäle und Agentur