A tight briefing, a short pitch  and the agency knows what an organisation wants. However this approach is nowadays no longer available. Especially because there has never been this many channels of communication.

Clients and agencies are looking for alternatives to classic pitches. The so called « Chemistry Meeting » has been very popular during the last few years. At a meeting like that, the organisation and the agency try to find out, wheter or not they are a match. How does a client tick and how does an agency work? Do they have the same structure of work? Does one speak the same language? And of course : Do the people possibly working together in the future like each other ? The interpersonal chemistry forms an important key to mutuel success, despite mail, Skype and all the other channels. Eventually PR-consultants and project managers have to work side by side for a long time. Therefore « Chemistry Meetings » are perfect for getting a first impression.

The extended version when looking for an agency today is a « strategic workshop ». That’s where the agency and the client simulate a regular workday situation. Goals are being verbalised and questions eliminated. Furthermore, the teams get to know each other better in this process than presenting themselves at a pitch. „It is important that the workshops are well organised and structured. The routines have to be the same for every agency, otherwise they can not be compared equally“, explains Oliver Klein, director of the German agency Cherrypicker, in an interview with „Horizont“.

By Barbara Ryter, Managing Partner