This was an exciting September! We were given the opportunity to organize

fantastic events for a variety of customers, to invite journalists, and to manage the media activities involved.

The events were quite varied – from a launch-party in a quaint ambiance for from Swisslos with VIPs like Nöldi Forrer, the Swiss wrestling king, and Ex-Miss Switzerland/singer Linda Fäh to jointly organizing (in cooperation with KomVent) a classical evening for Privatbank Mirabaud in Zürich.

Additionally, together with our client BaByliss, we invited journalist and bloggers to a “Wiesn-Warm-Up” where over beer and pretzels it was demonstrated how to braid artistic hairdos.

For Curaprox we organized an all black and white launch party for their new innovation  “Hydrasonic Black Is White-Sonic-Toothbrush.”

For our client Cosentino we invited journalists to Schmerikon to a great gala to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Silestone and for the retail shop Oxblood in Europa- allee we also invited media professionals and were responsible for the media work.


It was a month full of highlights, emotions, and enjoyment.

Nöldi Forrer, Denise Biellmann, Linda Fäh, Miriam Rickli and Renzo Blumenthal at the launch party of

Mirabaud invited their guests for a gala concert.

Fancy hairlooks for the Oktoberfest

contcept-Team in Black and White

Christian Bischof, Ivanka Simovic (Cosentino), Barbara Ryter (contcept) and Rico Schüpbach (contcept)

Oxblood presented the japanese label "The Warmth Crafts Manufacture"