The PR-Agency contcept communication from Zurich has increased their team with Daniela Zivadinovic, Stefan Wehrle and Ursula Borer. All of them have an extensive journalistic background. They are experts in the content sector.

contcept communication is enlarging their focus in the sector content marketing and storytelling. Therefore the team has increased with Daniela Zivadinovic, Stefan Wehrle and Ursula Borer. Daniela Zivadinovic and Ursula Borer have worked for years in print- and online-journalism. Wehrle brings a lot of experience in the sector digital storytelling with moving pictures and animations.

 „Our customers are demanding a lot from content marketing” says Andreas Messerli the managing director. “We are creating contents for blogs, social media platforms as well as specific storytelling for online- and offline-medias.” We are producing concepts, texts, pictures and also newly videos. Since the foundation of contcept comunication it has positioned itself with journalism comptences. Also the founders Barbara Ryter and Andreas Messerli have had journalistic background for many years.

„We know what good contents amount to and which tools are necessary for the implementation“ says Messerli “or shortly: we know when a story is a story.”